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NiDO East China is a platform for Nigerians living in 6 Provinces in China namely, Shanghai, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu & Zhejiang.

The central vision of NIDO East China is to bring Nigerians living in the provinces of Shanghai, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, & Zhejiang (Collectively referred to as East China) together and to provide a platform for Nigerians to identify and  offer their skills to assist Nigeria’s national development.


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Elijah C. Odii
Elijah C. OdiiPresident
Mr. Elijah Odii is a Project Sustainability Assessor and Decision-Making Expert, supports organizations in development of localized sustainability indicators for decision-making. He is a Member, Yangpu District Govt.
Dr. Muslimah Adebisi
Dr. Muslimah AdebisiVice President
Dr. Muslimah Adebisi (Kenny) is a medical doctor with specialty in Neurology at Jiangsu University. She was elected Vice President NiDO East China and doubles as Director of
Mr. Bem Shadrach
Mr. Bem ShadrachGeneral Secretary
Mr. Bem Shadrach is an academic, a Geophysicist and a Researcher at the University of Science and Technology of China. He was elected General Secretary of Nigerians in
Ms. Eniola Ayowolemi ADEDIRAN- OLADE
Ms. Eniola Ayowolemi ADEDIRAN- OLADEFinancial Secretary
Ms. Eniola Ayowolemi ADEDIRAN- OLADE is a professional historian and works as a history teacher at Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. She has been elected Financial Secretary of NiDO
Mr. Favour Oluwapelumi Oyelami
Mr. Favour Oluwapelumi OyelamiTreasurer
Mr. Favour Oluwapelumi Oyelami is a Conservation geneticist, he currently lives in Shanghai, China. He was elected Treasurer by the Nigerian community in East China.
Mr. Madukasi Charles Nnaemeka (Emmzy)
Mr. Madukasi Charles Nnaemeka (Emmzy)Welfare Secretary
Mr. Madukasi Charles Nnaemeka is a professional entertainer; professional in Teaching Chinese to speakers of other Languages. He has been elected Welfare Secretary and currently lives in Quanzhou,
Mr. Umeonyirioha Ugochukwu Athnatius Caius
Mr. Umeonyirioha Ugochukwu Athnatius CaiusZhejiang Regional Coordinator
Mr. Umeonyirioha Ugochukwu Athnatius Caius is a businessman, professional Bitcoin and foreign exchange trader/advisor and Co-founder of Emmcai Global. He has been elected to serve as the Coordinator
Mr. Joseph O. Okoro
Mr. Joseph O. OkoroShanghai Regional Coordinator
Mr. Joseph Onyekwere OKORO is an academic and specializes in Waste Management, he lives in Shanghai, China. He has been elected to serve as the Coordinator of our
Mr. Osuwa Chinwenwa Omega
Mr. Osuwa Chinwenwa OmegaJiangsu Regional Coordinator
Engr. Osuwa Chinwenwa Omega is an entrepreneur, marketer, business consultant, facilitates trade between Nigerian and Chinese Companies. He has been elected to serve as the Coordinator of our
Ms. Ogwu Ebele Beatrice
Ms. Ogwu Ebele BeatriceJiangxi Regional Coordinator
Ms. Ogwu Ebele Beatrice is CEO of Bibi Glam and a final year MBBS student at Jiujiang University. She has been elected to serve as the Coordinator of
Mr. Umeonyirioha Emmanuel I.
Mr. Umeonyirioha Emmanuel I.Fujian Regional Coordinator
Mr. Umeonyirioha Emmanuel I. is an Entrepreneur, a PhD Research Fellow, pays attention to | Leadership and Legacy | | MC | Educator | Writer | Translator |
Mr. Amuda Abdulgafar Kayode
Mr. Amuda Abdulgafar KayodeAnhui Regional Coordinator
Mr Amuda Abdulgafar Kayode is an academic, a Mineral Exploration Geochemist. He has been elected to serve as the coordinator for our Anhui region.


In a very short space of time, the Exco team of NiDO East China have started making positive impact in the lives of Nigerians in East China.

Chidi O.

I write to express my appreciation and gratitude to all the 2018/2019 Executive Committee NiDO East China for the support granted to my spouse in her quest to meet the registration deadline for initiating her PhD program in one of the universities in China.

Komolafe T.E.

Getting Nigerians to work together is hard work. However, the NiDO East China team have demonstrated transparency and leadership and are creating opportunities for Nigerians in East China. Finally, the Nigerian community knows that someone cares about them.

Tolu A.