Group photo at the event

 It was a great time with Nigerians and friends of Nigeria in East China on October 1, 2019. Those that were present can confirm that the event was extraordinarily engaging from beginning to the end.

Over 100 people attended and we had friends from 15 countries who enjoyed every bit of their stay. People were not in a hurry to leave including highly placed Chinese officials, business giants and a top legal practitioner who hung around for several minutes to enjoy conversation with lovely Nigerians who graced the occasion.

The Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai, Hon. Anderson N. Madubike who was represented by the Head of Chancery, Mr. Sylvester Owuh, in his speech, commended NiDO East China for how they have contributed immensely to the upliftment of our national image through their activities in China. He further highlighted the robust diplomatic ties between Nigeria and China emphasizing what it means for a Nigerian living in China. Many opportunities abound and we need to access them while adding value to our host country.

Mr. Sylvester Owuh (6th from left) Rep. of the Consul General flanked to the right by Mr. Adebola Omololu, the outgoing President with the New Executive Committee + a few Outgoing Exco Members of NiDO East China

Over the past year, Nigerians in China have shown the trust they have in NiDO East China. The last executive committee led by Mr. Adebola Omololu has built this large base of trust and it is only natural and expected that we should now use the base for something more!

The 86-year-old agile man, Prof. Zhang Shengxiong who gave an intriguing expose on the present greatness and future potentials of Nigeria was particularly blown away by the level of joy he observed in our people, the way we interacted amongst ourselves, he thought we had all known ourselves for a long time. He talked about it in his speech and still called me aside later asking me what the secret is. After the event, he shared our event outcomes amongst his circle of friends and they are all full of admiration. In preparing for his speech which he delivered at the event, he had done so much research about Nigeria and now respects our country so deeply for the roles we have played in Africa and promotion of world peace.

Prof. Zhang Shengxiong, 86-year-old professor Delivering a speech on how Nigerians can work towards making Nigeria a world power. His interpreter is Dr. Adebisi Muslimat, Vice President NiDO East China

He also emphasized that this country where we live, China, is a land flowing with milk and honey but it is not flowing carelessly on the streets. It is in well-structured pipes. We as Nigerians can show a well-defined, well-structured pipe where the custodians of the ‘milk and honey’ are not afraid to channel their resources. No pipe ever conducts oil, milk and honey and remains dry or unlubricated. If we become that pipe as NiDO East China, we shall all be lubricated while contributing our quota in the best of our abilities. We shall be respected for much longer as long as we have tangible contributions to make.

Mr. Yu Jie, the vice president of Shanghai Youth Federation of the Chinese Communist Party, Founder of Ants Plan, one of the biggest entrepreneurial bases in China with over 10, 000 housing units, which partners with NextLevel Education Foundation International, Co-Founder of Hu Jiang, one of the biggest Education Companies in China in his speech declared his commitment to work with us towards nation building and expansion of international collaborations under the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Yu Jie (Right), Vice President, Shanghai Youth Federation of the Chinese Communist Party, Founder Ants Plan, Shanghai, CEO Hu Jiang Educational Technology Ltd delivering his Speech to challenge young Nigerians to action in spite of national challenges. He is flanked by Mr. Elijah Odii, President, NiDO East China

Our Chinese friends, other nationals and Nigerian participants filled Wechat moments with pictures of the event as they reminisced the nice time which they had at the event including the songs, artistic and cultural displays.

Cultural Dance [Chinese, Ghanaian and Nigerians on stage]

Cutting the Independence Day Cake and NiDO East China First Anniversary Celebration

Our guests saw a large number of good Nigerians physically in one place. They could not hold back their approval based on what they saw amongst us. They expressed their commitment to work with us for mutual benefits.

Dear friends, we have left a very good impression on their minds. This impression was not stage-managed. They were natural manifestations of the nature of the Nigerian people, all from different tribes and tongues. The foreigners could not tell any difference. All they could see was a people, one country united in their culture and desire to build a powerful nation.

The newly inaugurated executive committee of NiDO East China for 2019/2020 is in high spirits and wishes to thank everyone for the amazing support which exceeded our expectations in every way. Looking forward to interacting more with all members and friends as we work together to make meaningful contribution to the development of our country while thriving together here in China. I invite us all to take advantage of this and amplify this feeling in the minds of our host country here.

There are many opportunities to explore and we shall keep #ThrivingTogether. #LetUsTakeItToAnotherLevel!!!


Elijah Odii

President, NiDO East China

For the Executive Committee, 2019/2020