January 26, 2020


Brothers and sisters,

We have been following the situation of Nigerians at Wuhan and other cities in Hubei since the novel coronavirus (CoV) struck the province. A good number of Nigerians living in Hubei and particularly, Wuhan, have been part of our community engagement efforts and we hereby report the following:

  • We are in touch with Nigerians living in Hubei and particularly, Wuhan where the CoV is said to have begun and they are fine.They are also in touch with one another.Furthermore, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at Beijing is in touch with them and communications are in place about any consular services that may be necessary as the days unfold. Additionally, we are in touch with Nigerians living in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jianxi, Anhui, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shandong. We have not received any ill reports.  The government has also launched a live page for latest updates on the coronavirus https://bit.ly/2RCj08A
  • We have also reached out to the embassy and consulate setting up discussions on potential relief actions. We will bring feedback to the whole house, seeking our involvement as need may be. We are already rallying various Nigerian communities in China because many people have reached out to us discussing intensely on the matter. Don’t be worried at all, our people in Hubei province will not be the last to get help in any eventuality. All these shall come to pass: that is the least we must hope for.
  • Additionally, we have sent a direct encouragement letter to the leader of the Nigerian community in Hubei and he has confirmed sharing it with the community. We are maintaining an ongoing discussion while hoping for the best outcomes.
  • Please keep observing the precautions of infection prevention as provided by the government of China and the World Health Organization (WHO) https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus
  • As we see the unfolding situation including national and global response, we can’t help but observe that all humans are one, no matter where we are, where we come from, our belief orientation or the colour of our skins. This virus is a threat to all and success at fighting it requires concerted efforts.
  • Please shun fear and anxiety. Psychophysiological response of cortisol release affects immune function negatively and leads to higher susceptibility. There is no good time to fall sick but now is the worst time since hospital visit could easily expose one to infection.
  • We commiserate with families of the diseased, empathize with exhausted health workers, the sick and their families while encouraging everyone to have a moment of deep introspection and look out for good news.
  • Finally, we must recognize the great effort being made by the Chinese government agencies and the global health forces at containing this virus. Humanity has won many wars that threatened to extinct our species and this case is not likely to end differently.
  • Please send us an email if you need to report any situation president@nidoeastchina.org, vp@nidoeastchina.org, gensec@nidoeastchina.org

Elijah Odii