October 1st is around the corner. On that day, Nigeria will be 60 years. 60 years of independence most Nigerians contentedly call it. 60 years of successful deterioration I call it. Honestly, I see nothing to jubilate about. Despite our agonies, Nigerians find solace in between a rock and a hard place. At the very least, on that day, we get to have mutual reasons for intrinsically coerced joyous moments and then resume to our default settings of hating each other out of bigotry and preconceived ideas with insufficient knowledge of how we’re being used by the elites and helping them achieve their greedy goals and incrementing their wealth.

What’s your Oppinion

The predicament of Nigeria is beyond abysmal and every citizen has to account for an equal share when it comes to the reason why Nigerian is in a state of dilapidation. We may jubilate and deceive ourselves all we want, but if we could channel all of that energy and put it into restructuring our mental state of mind and society for our own wellbeing, and the betterment of our kids and the future generations, that sacrifice would not have gone in vain. It’s a norm in Nigeria to live life without social amenities. We accept and celebrate mediocrity. Let’s learn to demand for fair accountability of usage of our own resources and public funds.

60 years of retrogression in every aspect of life. 60 years of independence without a standard hospital, without stable electricity, without good schools, with no abundance of clean water and sufficient food, with no good roads for our travelling and there is the heartbreaking insurgency that is continuously and progressively striking the Nation. Deliberately, we have been denied all of those and even more. We cry out loud for change and lament on how worse our default norm “predicament” has gotten, meanwhile we are not ready to act justly. What are we really jubilating about when we say “Happy Independence!”? Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, Rape cases, Destitution, Kidnappings, Corruption, Fraudulence, Individual selfishness, Injustices, Police/Army brutality? Independence from what? These questions deserve answers as we seem to have lost our voices whenever an assessment is required. The expression “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” is now a mockery in Nigeria. I hope we redefine our reasons for the so-called “Independence Day” and stop making a mockery out of ourselves.

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Adam Abubakar Hadejia

We are so infatuated about foreign occurrences and have neglected our own responsibilities in Nigeria. We even celebrate thievery when it’s done by prominent public figures and intentionally deny the obvious. How long do we really plan on neglecting our national responsibilities and living a life of pretence and waiting for a God sent to come to liberate us? Because the longer the procrastination, the more severe the pain. The Country is definitely in need of good leadership but governance is also a quality we desperately need as well with all of the misplaced priorities. We can’t keep on blaming our leaders at all times without giving a fair evaluation of ourselves. Our leaders are products of our own various societies.

You and I make those societies, so you see, it’s a cycle repeating itself only that this one does so at the detriment and degradation of Nigeria. And charity begins at home, as the famous saying goes. In that manner, we need collective efforts to better the condition of Nigeria and help make her a great place where we can peacefully coexist and can proudly call home. We do not have to go abroad seeking greener pastures, meanwhile, our own land is full of wealth in knowledge and useful resources. We may admire 1st world countries and the usefulness of their systems. Maybe we visit every now and then. We would also like the fact that they are the world’s most powerful nations and a beacon of light for democracy, justice and equality. But it’s not home anyway. Our home Nigeria is where our hearts should be. This change begins with me and the future belongs to those who do not despair and are full of optimism. Let’s learn to teach ourselves discipline and determination in our every day to day conducts.


For God And For Country! God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

The earlier we extirpate all of the above mentioned disturbing issues, the sooner we can start wising ourselves “Happy Independence” annually. Collectively, we must stand and confront our scores of socio-economic and constitutional challenges as no one will do it for us. We must learn to uphold the truth under all circumstances and hold accountable ourselves where we flawed.

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