• Visit the portal of Nigeria Immigration service-portal.immigration.gov.ng to complete an online application form. Ensure you select Beijing, China as processing Mission/Country. Select ‘Standard Passport’ and correct application type i.e. Lost, Damaged, Renewal/reissue or Fresh, etc.
  • Make your payments online if you have a valid Visa/ MasterCard or visit the Nigerian Visa/Passport application center (OIS) in Beijing at Suite 1801, Kun Sha Building, No 16 Xin Yuan Li Street (oisservices.cn) for payments.
  • Submit the printed online application form, payment slip, signed application letter and other requirements (see requirements below) to the Embassy. Passport days are Tuesdays and Thursdays (applicants should take note of public holidays as the Embassy is not open to the public on Nigerian and Chinese Government officially declared public holidays).
  • Timing:

Morning session:

Enrolment of Biometric Data: 9:30 am- 10:30 am

Collection: 1 pm


Afternoon session:

Enrolment of Biometric Data: 1:15 pm- 3:15 pm

Collection: 4:00 pm

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Please note the following:

  • The applicant must be physically present for Biometric capture except otherwise directed. Applications must reach the Immigration Section of the Embassy latest by 10 am and 3 pm for morning and afternoon sessions respectively.
  • As the enhanced e-passport which is integrated with the National Identity Number (NIN) is about to be rolled out, applicants are advised to maintain their true hair color and facial outlooks to avoid identity theft and forgery due to misinformation which is a crime punishable by law.
  • All documents that are not in English must be translated.
  • Avoid wearing bright-colored clothes when coming for capturing of biometric data as it affects the picture quality.
  • Applicants are advised to keep their passports in safe and dry places to avoid loss or damage.
  • In accordance with the Chinese Regulations, new passports must be registered with the Police within 10 days of collection.
  • At the moment, applicants do not need appointments to obtain passports in Beijing, China.
  • For passport related issues in China (not issues relating to requirements and procedure), send an email to beijing@gmail.com.




  1. Reissue
  2. Formal application addressed to the Ambassador stating request e.g. Expired validity, Exhausted Visa Pages, Lost, Damaged, etc;
  3. Completed online application form and payment acknowledgment slip for portal.immigration.gov.ng;
  • Copy of passport data page;
  1. Two recent passport-sized photographs;
  2. Police report for lost or damaged passports;
  3. Marriage certificate/ Court affidavit for marriage/ divorce and newspaper publication for change of name for those applying for Change of Name due to Marriage/Divorce.


  1. Fresh Application (Minors below 18 yrs)
  2. Birth certificate of the child;
  3. Consent letter signed by parents and copies of their passport data pages;
  • Formal application addressed to the Ambassador;
  1. Completed online application form and payment acknowledgment slip for portal.immigration.gov.ng;
  2. Two recent passport-sized photographs;


  1. Fresh Application (18 yrs and above)
  2. Birth certificate (For applicants born in Nigeria from Dec 1992, a certificate issued by the National Population Commission shall be required) or Age Declaration attached with one passport-sized photograph and duly endorsed by a Commissioner for Oaths;
  3. Indigene letter;
  • Completed Guarantors’ form duly signed by a Commissioner for Oaths attached with Photocopy of Data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-Passport and one passport-sized photograph of the Guarantor;
  1. Formal application addressed to the Ambassador stating request;
  2. Completed online application form and payment acknowledgment slip for portal.immigration.gov.ng;
  3. Two recent passport-sized photographs.

By: M.S Babansoro

Head, Immigration Desk.

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