#ThrivingTogether Project Series 2020


An editorial published on March 22, 2018 by Elsevier Company, member of RELX Group established in 1880 and reputed as the world’s biggest academic publisher as at 2019 stated that “despite comprising 12.5 percent of the world’s population, Africa still accounts for less than 1 percent of global research output”.

Multilevel efforts are underway to contribute to changing this narrative. The major model of action is SACRIFICIAL GROUP ACTION (SGA) for GROUP BENEFITS (GBs) that operates through INDIVIDUALY DERIVED BENEFITS (IDBs). SGA must be intentional and GBs should be placed above IDBs.


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We have two ongoing projects for which we are raising two teams.

Project I

Unique raw data on vehicular emission including CO, CO2, NOx, HC, O2 etc. was consistently collected for 4 years from several geographical locations. Specific sources include private,commercial and organizational cars (different makes) and motorcycles (different makes). We are raising a team to glean value from the data, coauthor papers and possibly release a report. Details shall be discussed by team members once the team is constituted

Required Specialties of Team Members

  1. Chemistry and Materials Scientist (Space filled)
  2. Experienced statistician for data analysis
  3. Mechanical engineer with or without modeling experience
  4. Mathematical modeler
  5. Sustainability Assessor (Environmental, Social and Economic aspects) (Space filled)
  6. Public health specialist with interest in cardiovascular health as it relates to emissions

Project II

Exploration of zooplankton diversity in African water bodies using genetic markers. Since we are not at home at the moment, please feel free to recommend colleagues back home who could be willing to do zooplankton sampling and identification. We are specifically looking for Daphnia but will still accept any other zooplankton population. Details about how tasks and benefits shall be shared shall be discussed before initiation.


To participate in any of the projects or recommend an African that could be willing, please send a mail to vp@nidoeastchina.org; cc: president@nidoeastchina.org Please include a weblink that has your publications or evidence of experience to help us choose most suitable team members.


If you have another project or business idea for which you would need to gather a team, please let us know through the same email addresses.

Project Partners: Next Level Education Foundation International 启望国际教育基金