May 01, 2020

Brothers and sisters


a. In conclusion, brothers and sisters, thousands of Nigerians in China who belong to or admire NiDO East China and her model know that her unique selling point (USP) is in not being a political group in agreement with the sacred laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which established Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NiDO) as a platform for engaging Nigerians in the Diaspora Worldwide. Conversely, we are a group of Nigerians who believe that bonding together of Nigerians with the aim of generating group energy is one of the surest ways to preservation of moral fiber and attainment of financial independence based on morality of scale and economy of scale respectively. This is why our motto has been and should always be #ThrivingTogether for the purpose of nation building and service to humanity.

Illustration of NiDO East China’s Philosophy (Sourced Externally)

b. We relate well with the various centers of the diplomatic mission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in China as well as our Chinese community. It is not hidden and anyone who tries pitching the people against constituted authorities may be inadvertently or intentionally doing the nation disservice and NiDO East China under the leadership of this Executive Committee (Exco) will not succumb to that. Future Exco is advised to watch against distraction as we have overcome many of such from inception.

Do mature adults have to parasitize anybody or entity to show that we have good relationship? We have chosen our USP and we do not stop anyone else from doing their own style. Live and let live.

Our Community Engagement at Anhui where Nigerians, children and adults, from all walks of life gathered including representatives of the Ambassador, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at Beijing and representative of the Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai, December 28, 2019
Family Meeting @ Anhui Hefei Province
Family Meeting @ Anhui, Hefei Province
October 1, 2018 @ Shanghai
October 1, 2019 @ Shanghai
NiDO East China Family Meeting @ Shanghai

c. Future Exco are advised to note that even after the Nigerian Diaspora Organization begins to operate without friction, having three or more federating units defined along China’s geopolitical blocks, which is good for all, NiDO East China shall always uphold the ideals which we all agreed from the beginning.

We all built this house and we must defend it!

d. The tenure of this Exco will end soon and we encourage future Exco to stand behind the constitution of NiDO East China which shall be ratified by all.


Those days, our parents hardly believed in the ‘beat-a-child-and-allow-him-to-cry’ concept but NiDO East China has been built on principles of TRANSPARENCY, SACRIFICE AND EQUALITY OF OPINIONS, so it is welcome that our brother, the former Publicity Secretary of NiDO East China has cried freely.

In NiDO East China, one of the membership rights is the right to cry out if you see anything you don’t understand especially after asking necessary questions from appropriate quarters and taking necessary steps


Moral fiber development is surer if the group is able to defend itself and its members from schemes intended to distract and/or discourage people from effective community engagement.


Whatever we cannot do for ourselves, no one can do it for us. We thank Mr. Adebola Omololu, the Pioneer President of NiDO East China, the Exco members who served with him and other established well-meaning Nigerians who showed us in practical sacrificial terms that it is possible for Nigerians to do things by themselves if we so decide. Until a country has a good percentage of their populace being financially independent, the country itself will remain a developing country for longer than desirable. This is why per capita income is an important index of development globally.


We congratulate you all, Nigerians in China, who are seeking substantial contribution to group self-development, nation building and substantial contribution to the progress of our host country. Community engagement is a tough job but you all have continued all these while because you saw that it has a promising outcome as we have observed from the NiDO East China model and experience. KUDOS BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

Coffee is not part of our culture but they drink it a lot here + Tea
You deserve some accolades for refusing to cave in

There are top business men and women, academics, hardworking students, professionals and corporate organization leaders on this platform who didn’t join NiDO East China for politics but because they saw the value and the model which the organization began and has been running with. Those who are more established are teaching younger ones and we are learning from one another, sometimes we hurt one another, it is normal and expected in community engagement but it should never be intentional. We must be willing to learn and change as we grow.


We have already consumed days and maybe cumulatively, for the past two years for everyone involved, Nigerians in China may have consumed up to one full year of human life time typing and reading frictious messages that create little or no direct value for anyone. Uncertainty is not new in life but it is so unfortunate that even now that the future of humanity is experiencing the highest level of uncertainty, Nigerians in China are expending so much resources typing frictious messages on Wechat groups instead of building long-lasting relationships that lead to self-improvement and nation building.


Brothers and sisters, we are currently very busy with a number of value-creating engagements some of which you are aware and others still in the making which we shall present to the whole house when it is at a presentable stage. Furthermore, there are several other facets of the organization initiated by the present Exco and being handled along pending tasks from the last Exco.  This is why you elected us and we feel great honor to serve the community as current custodians. NiDO East China is a dynamic organization and it is evolving through many stages. When the Exco gets to each bridge, we shall take the whole house along and we cross. Oftentimes, depending on who is leading a particular facet, a few members of the Exco, working individually or in sub-committees may even get to particular bridges first and later take other exco members along through conventional feedback mechanisms. Finally, when each facet becomes mature, the Exco presents and takes the whole house along.


Members of NiDO East China run NiDO East China by themselves, led by elected officials to the best of their abilities and following the provisions of relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while abiding by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

Thank you for your attention.