It is tough having a different opinion and even tougher when you have ability and willingness to express the opinion. Things get complicated when the above are in place and you are a passionate person with a broad mind and a global outlook in life. One of such individuals is our own ‘Adebola aka Debo Omololu (FCA), former President of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, East China who also served as the pioneer national Vice President, NiDO China.

Mr. Debo delivers a scintillating speech at NiDO East China’s most recent End of the Year Party at Hefei, December 28, 2019

Those who know Debo will attest to his infectious spirit of dedication to duty and love for humanity. He is a detribalized Nigerian as well as a destroyer of stereotypes which has dealt tough blows on Nigeria’s unity and progress. The above qualities made him such an admired leader in the Nigerian community where he has continued participating after handing over the roles of presidency in NiDO East China and vice presidency in NiDO China.

Growing up, Debo, be it at Federal Government College, Jos; Nigeria Navy Secondary School Abeokuta where he had his early education or University of Ilorin where he graduated as an accountant, he has always demonstrated that success is not possible without planning, hard work and focus.

Mr. Debo (Pioneer president (left)) and Mr. Elijah Odii (current president (right)) laugh excitedly as Debo receives NiDO East China’s #ThrivingTogether Award (TTA) conferred on him and a number of others during our Family Meeting and End of the Year Party at Hefei, December 28, 2019 while Dr. Muslimah, Vice President, NiDO East China supports with a rich smile

Mr. Alkali who represented the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. BABA AHMAD JIDDA, OFR at the event receives NiDO East China’s #ThrivingTogether Award (TTA) conferred on him for his support to the Nigerian community in China

Eng. Chidi Osisioma, Company Senior Manager, Cherry-Jaguar Landrover receives NiDO East China’s #ThrivingTogether Award (TTA) conferred on him for his support to the Nigerian community in China. He is our Pioneer Chairman NiDO East China’s Electoral Committee

Other people who have made great inputs as committee Chairs leading the people in #ThrivingTogether arranged in order of assumption of office.

Mr. Okpozae G. O (Ravesolid) 

President Elect, NiDO East China

Chairman NiDO East E-Commerce and Investment Committee, Member National Constitution Review Committee, Member NiDO East Bylaw Ratification Committee, Member NiDO East Media Committee, Managerial Economist, Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Consultant, Trade Finance and Payment Expert

Dr. Uche

Chairman, NiDO East China Media

Mr. Charles

Chairman NiDO East China By-Law Ratification Committee

Mr. Debo’s sense of focus, doggedness and enthusiasm earned him a the appellation Fellow Charted Account (FCA) of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Career wise, Debo has worked with A-list accounting firms including KPMG where he served as a senior tax consultant; ConocoPhilips where he was a Manager (Tax) and Schlumberger, where he worked as a senior tax consultant. His drive for innovation and wealth creation is massive.

He is a founding member of Africa Business Chamber in China; Co-founded GetFundedAfrica and, Afriscaper, Executive Director, Debonair Group, Director, Corporate Development, KaiOS Technologies Incorporated as well as Fellow and Mentor at Startup Leadership Program; all of which are geared towards wealth creation and capacity building. Debo is also a contributor to the United Nations broadband project which is capable of improving global financial inclusion.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, Debo said of himself: “I leverage my professional experience and access to data to advice SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) on lead generation and growth strategies. I promote and develop brand building for entrepreneurs as well as tools for sales’.

But what perception do people hold about him?

“You are a rare breed. It is a privilige to have known and worked with you in NiDO East China” said Mr. Usman, who worked with Mr Debo in the pioneer ExcO of NiDO East China.

No one in NiDO East China may be better equipped to say a word about Debo than the current President of NiDO East China, Mr. Elijah Odii who had served as Debo’s Vice President. Here is Mr Odii’s comment: “When we began, it felt like just another WeChat group but Mr. Debo’s impactive and sacrificial leadership taught us that real #ThrivingTogether is defined as something we do together for ourselves by ourselves working in mutually respectful harmony with our diplomatic missions in any country where Nigerians are found. Debo directly impacted hundreds of Nigerians in China and a huge percentage of what we can see today in NiDO can be traced in some way to his sacrificial commitment and exemplary leadership in partnership with other leaders of the Nigerian community within and outside East China”.

“Mr. Debo is a man of humble character who is easily approachable and one who sees everyone he comes across as a family irrespective of their backgrounds. So many have been fortunate to meet this man in their Journey of China.”, says Adebayo Ismaael Olamilekan who has known him for years in China.

Similarly, Funke Debby, another Nigerian resident in Wuhan China who has known Debo for a long time said of him: “you have been a selfless man and always ready to give listening ears. I’m really proud you are a Nigerian. I pray for His presence to shield you now and ever more in Jesus name. Amen”.

Mr Dominic Ebere said of Debo “it is not easy to make an impact from a tiny and distant place”. In appreciation of Debo, Mr. Komolafe Emmanuel said “may the sun’s rays shine brightest on you Debo”. Oluwatobi Adeleke who lives at Zhenjiang described Debo as a “pioneer, free and progressive ambassador”.

Mrs. Isabella described Debo as “my correct egbon (elder brother rendered in the Yoruba language)”. Eze Ruth said “God will continue to bless you for being a blessing to Nigerians in China”.

What more can we say of Debo? We are happy that NiDO is making progress in China in a united front. NiDO in China will keep playing leading role in national development if we persist on the correct perspective that Nigerians in China and no one else should decide how they wish that the community be driven. As our host country keeps rising in global influence, we have no choice but to grow along lest we become little fishes in an ocean of opportunities. This is because “no matter the abundance of opportunities in a place, it is not for a person or a group that lacks relevant capacity to benefit from the opportunities” – Elijah Odii

Author: Dr. Uche Anunne

Chairman, NiDO East China Media