An interview with the Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai

NiDO East China Media:     May you please briefly introduce yourself and take us through your journey into diplomacy.

Amb. Madubike:     My name is Anderson Nkemakonam Madubike, I am from Enugu, Nigeria. I joined the Foreign Service of Nigeria in February 1993 and I have been a diplomat for over 27 years and served in countries like Ghana, South-Africa, Portugal, United States of America and currently the consul general of the consulate general of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Shanghai, China for about 3 years. I am still ready to serve my country whenever and wherever called upon to do so. Under my watch as the Consul General, we have promoted the Federal Government diversification policy and convened two investment conferences to facilitate foreign direct investments, improved the bilateral relationship with China; and my team to the best of our abilities have fostered unity and practical engagement amongst Nigerians in East China.

NiDO East China Media:Your journey in the realm of diplomatic service has been remarkable and has soared to a new height with your recent ambassadorial appointment, may you share the most challenging moments of your career with us?

Amb. Madubike:  Challenging moments are normal occurrences in life and most times they spur us to achieve greater goals while learning vital lessons. Though I experienced some delays in my ambassadorial appointment in 2017, it however provided me with the golden opportunity to serve in East China as the Consul General and I must state that I have learned a lot from serving in this great country.

NiDO East China Media:    What is your perception about the negative image associated with Nigerians across the diaspora as ‘bad migrants’?

Amb. Madubike:      I have always taken a stand against stereotyping Nigerians. I believe there are good and bad people across all races. We have several Nigerians in China and the diaspora making great contributions and impacts across all spheres of life.

Ambassador Anderson N. Madubike, Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Shanghai (Center), Mr Favour Oyelami, Treasurer, NiDO East China and member of NiDO East China Media (Extreme left), Mrs Fisayo flanking the ambassador to the right, Mr Oretomiloye Flanking the ambassador to the left, Mr Emeka extreme right

NiDO East China Media:    What do you think has created an outstanding perspective of Nigerians in Shanghai and its environs?

 Amb. Madubike:      Like I said, Nigerians are unique. I commend the high level of responsibility and a desire to create impact by the professionals and academics in my jurisdiction and beyond. I am certain that living in China will teach us the dynamics of patriotism as shown by the Chinese. Their level of patriotism is unparalleled and has helped their leaders and country in achieving integration, economic growth and outstanding development.

NiDO East China Media:    We got winds that a Chinese company is opening a factory in Ebonyi State, a process to which it seems you have contributed; what is the line of its intended operation and how may it serve the good people of Ebonyi State and Nigeria as a country?

Amb. Madubike:      It is a recycling company that will create jobs as well as improve energy sources. It will be of immense economic and social benefits to the host community. It is also an evidence of the warm bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Ambassador Madubike taking questions from NiDO East China reporters

NiDO East China Media:    How is your relationship with the Nigerians in Diaspora (East China) and your impression about its leadership?

 Amb. Maduike :        I am of the opinion that Nigerians in East  China and beyond are doing great and  I hope the leadership will keep on involving more professionals in its programs and activities for enhanced contribution to national development.

NiDO East China Media: In the wake of the COVID-19 how can ties between Nigeria and China be strengthened?  

Amb. Madubike:    I believe China has offered robust developmental assistance to Nigeria. They have given us grants, aids and loans to assist us in our developmental effort. And of special mention is the various donations especially this challenging COVID -19 period this great country has extended to our country, Nigeria. The onus lies on Nigerians in the diaspora to contribute to the development of our country. I beseech Nigerians to respect Chinese laws and stay out of trouble while raising our country’s flags high at all times.

All hands on deck for #ThrivingTogether: a family serving with NiDO East Media poses with the ambassador for a photo

NiDO East China Media: Thank you for your time; we shall keep in touch.

 Amb. Madubike : You are welcome!