Each leadership position comes with its own challenges. This is because occupying such a position exposes the leader to due and undue scrutiny from both co-leaders and the entire community. The challenges take a different dimension when you lead a group of people from different ethnic, religious, cultural and educational backgrounds such as Nigerians.  As if that is not enough, fate thrusts you forward to lead such a complex society in a country like China where some social factors can break the most resilient of persons and dogged fighters.

One person seems to have defied these odds, Dr Muslimat Kehinde Adebisi, the ebullient, amiable and hardworking Vice president of NiDO, East China Chapter.

Dr Muslimah, as she is fondly called, brings charisma, dedication, discipline and even humor to bear in her duties as the second in command in NiDO, East China chapter. Having worked with her on many projects for this organization, Dr Muslimat has left a sound impression of her dedication and ability to deliver on set targets. Her ability to beat timelines in every task has left an indelible memory in the minds of those she has interacted or worked with.

This is a rare commodity in a voluntary organization, like NiDO East China where joy comes from what one gives rather than what one gets.

Dr. Mus looks ahead as she graduates

Others who have worked or related with her in various fields, whether as classmates, members of same committee or as colleagues attest to her uprightness, deep thinking, loyalty and punctuality among other attributes that endear her to many.

No other person is in a better position to confirm or repudiate this assertion than Mr. Elijah Odii, the incumbent president of NiDO, East China chapter whom God has blessed with a patriotic, loyal and dedicated deputy in the person of Dr. Muslimah. To Mr. Odii, therefore, Muslimat is “that lady who puts in her best to make sure that set goals are achieved. Remarkably, when it is not convenient for her to help; that is when she helps even more. Having her as Vice President has been one of the greatest joys of my service to the community. She is also a person who says her mind based on what she understands from each scenario and she does that no matter whose ox is gored”.

Right – Left: Dr. Muslimat Adebisi K., Current Vice President, NiDO East China; Elijah Odii, Current President, Adebola Omololu FCA, Immediate Past President

According to Debo Omololu a former president, NiDO East China chapter, “in action movies, you see characters with high energy and passion and their stories keep audiences spellbound. It is rare that you meet such characters in real life and meeting Muslima is like meeting a movie character. She is a person of high energy and passion and tells it as it is. Muslimat is a person of strong values and tenacity and it has been a pleasure working alongside her in helping to build a Nigerian community in China’’.

Mr. Okpozae G, popularly known as Ravesolid in describing Dr. Muslimat had this to say, “ her dedication to Nigerians irrespective of state, tribe or religion is like no other l have experienced in Asia. Even in detention centers, there are Nigerians that hold her in high regards. Always passionate about all things Nigerian”.

Mr. Nnaemeka Charles Madukasi better known as Mr. Emmzy (his stage name), described Muslimat as a dedicated, intelligent and focused person to whom sacrifice is second to her nature; who is always concerned with members’ welfare and would always do her bit to achieve that purpose”.

In the words of Mr. Ismael, a prominent member of NiDO East China chapter, at various times, Muslimat had displayed amazing leadership qualities, love for the Nigerian community in China and always ready to serve the community, a sentiment shared by Caius Ugochukwu, acting Publicity Secretary of the association who holds that she gave her best in the service of the organization.

In good company: Dr Muslimat Kehinde Adebisi (3rd from left) in the company of her friends (Left to Right: David, Ewi, Muslimah, Teddy, Rachael, Collins, Arun, Betty)

To Queen Modestus, “Muslimat is the voice of a free African spirit and a passionate believer in African Unity. She is humble even to a fault. As meek as a lamb but could be as fierce as a lioness when she needs to defend the right of others. She is a true African woman and I am happy to call her my friend.

Like the multifaceted sides of a diamond, Muslimat embodies many parts in one. Fit to say that with her, what you see depends on how close or far you get. So much so she can be misjudged. Nonetheless, her unwavering tenacity is a trait that can be sensed from miles away, says Mr. Teddy in another glowing tribute.

Dr. Mus of NiDO East bags M.Sc in Neurology

As Muslimat bags her Master degree in Medicine specializing in Neurology and completes her tenure as the vice president of NiDO, East China chapter, most members of the association are not left in doubt that her impact has been felt and her dedication, loyalty, passion positive energy will be missed. As she takes another bold step into the future, NiDO East China community wishes Muslimat all the best in her endeavors.


Dr. Mus (center) in active service during the end of the year community engagement at Hefei – plans along with the President, Elijah (left) during the event while Dr. Christy (right) looks on

Thank you Dr. Mus

Dr. Uche Anunne, Chairman NiDO East Media writes from Xiamen