HMVL-Junior Diaspora China Chapter
1st Semi-Launch

    After one month’s free demo, we gladly launched the 1st semester in May, 2021.
Even if it is a brief program for Science, Geography, Math, Literature of English and Chinese, we feel the happiness and eagerness of children for knowledge and for age mates communication, it encouraged us to put more effort everyday to discuss and prepare for every coming moment with them.
From that we also could see the necessity  of having more experienced professionals to dedicate into this program, and modify each curriculum more suitable to different ages. This will be the additional training for all during summer holiday of this semester.
Also, we have cooperated with few educational activities, program and media, which have built the good influence to public to give necessary notice to junior diaspora, especially the educators.
Thanks to all educators and management, especially the operation sponsor which handily support financially and practically.
Also, to the 1st classmates we have, and their study effort, wish you all have a general understanding of the knowledge and the world.

Enquiry & Enrollment

Please contact us to get more details for your children.
Or search for more free sharing from official networking
on facebook/twitter/youtube/linkedin-or weibo/tiktok etc.

Looking forward you and your children
have a good time studying with us!

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