The 1st event of cross-border e-commerce was held successfully last December 10th, NIDO East China with CACBUA organized the 2nd Event to meet the requirement of business-wise people who are ready to achieve in the industry.

In this event, we gladly have Mr. Owuh, the Investment Atache Nigeria Consulate in Shanghai, represents the Nigeria Consulate in Shanghai and DC Mr. CHIMEZIE OGU (who is under quarantine) to give an inspiring remarks on the Opening Ceremony.

There, as well, are lecturers from industries related to e-commerce. They present a wonderful speech according to their experience and knowledge.

The event presents an intellectual and practical solution to all participants and who are planning into the industry but unavailable during the event.

We wish the event will go on successfully.

Thanks to the support from cooperators and sponsor, SX Culture, Danj Trading, Choice Logistic, event is possible to gain a success.

Who Attend

The Opening Remarks

    The opening remarks is given by Mr. OWUH, the Investment Attache Nigeria Consulate in Shanghai.

    He highly praises the activity and analyzes the economic environment for investor overseas.
Mr. OWUH also states that Nigeria is ready to offer support officially to embrace the creative industries to launch.
He agrees there should be a good understanding and communication between Nigeria and China, and wishes the event is successful.

About Lecturer -
Mr. Rave

    Mr. Rave has given us a wonderful lecture during Edition I.

    Edition II, he states from further aspects, to explain how to be a successful vendor in E-commerce industry.
His years of experience in cross-border business, finance in Asia, America, Europe, with the persistent effort he gained the vast understanding and support from the business-wise people.
He is co-founder of an E-commerce platform (brjstyle.com) for retail and wholesale. Under his suggestion, this platform made policies cares about both vendors and buyers, and make prospective plan for benefiting countries and people who reside there.
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