We wish to announce the appointment and resumption of the 5th Nigerian Consulate General to Shanghai China.In the person of Ambassador Chimezie OGU

The soft spoken Ambassador reclining at the conference room of the consulate office in Shanghai, proclaimed his excitement about being in Shanghai.

He complemented the industriousness of Chinese who went abroad and came back to China in helping develop their motherland to a great industrial power house today.

Therefore he advised that we should endeavor to emulate all the good things in China, for adoption back in Nigeria, to contribute to the development of Nigeria. 
He emphasized that his tenure shall involve spending time to improve engagement culturally, policy adoption and economically. 

The CG urged Nigerians to uphold all that is good in China. He further promised to have an open line of communication with Nigerians in the Eastern part of China.

Ambassador OGU thanked the visiting NIDO EAST delegation led by the President, Okpozae G.O on an official welcome visit

It is a pleasure to see NIDO EAST China being such a proactive organization, proclaimed the CG. Coincidentally, the NIDO EAST visit happens to be his first official engagement as a CG in Shanghai, after his 14 days quarantine which ended on the 31st of May 2021, that has left him still a little groggy.
Nigeria remains the biggest economy in Africa, among all African countries, Nigeria still boast of a consulate in Shanghai, Guangzhou and an Embassy in Beijing.  

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