Visit Shanghai Foreign
Investment Development Board

To have more understanding and discussion on prospective cooperation.

Members of NIDO EAST China organization headquartered in Shanghai.

As part of its advisory obligation towards the Nigerian Missions, accompanied officials of the Nigerian Asian Trade Office (Shanghai) on a Courtesy visit, to the Shanghai Investment Board (African/Asian Department).

The Shanghai Investment Development Board under the Shanghai Commercial Bureau, were very pleased on the initiative of the president Okpozae G.O of NIDO EAST in facilitating such proactive exchange, and to meet their Nigerian counterparts in the meeting which lasted about two hours.

The Commissioner Mr. Victor Lieman and his Deputy Mr. Hassan Muhhamed, extended their heartfelt appreciation for the warm reception. The Commissioner also reiterated the strong economic fundamental benefit of Nigeria, her strong population as a market destination and its proximity to Europe and other African Countries.

Both sides promised to have more open engagement in establishing sectors and industries for cooperation. The Shanghai Investment Development Board also assured the commissioner of their support in letting companies based in Shanghai have more information about Doing Business in Nigeria. 

The purpose of the visit also aims at establishing Bi-lateral and economic cooperation that could create capacity for Nigerian elite businesses in the Financial Hub of China.

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