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Educational Caring for
Junior Diaspora

Who we are

    We have a lot to share with children, first thing first, they shall not miss the elementary knowledge and build up interest in learning, especially a good study habit.

    You never want to leave them behind without caring for them, and miss a lot of childhood memories, but a lot of worries may have occurred even if they have a seat in some campus already.

    So as we have the education specially in the shape of curriculum and program related to necessary knowledge according to their ages each.

    And we have regular training for management stuff, and especially educators, so that they clearly understand the meaning of Montessori, and are able to work with it.
We often organize educators and management to discuss and share experience, to learn more about students and adjust the teaching contents and skill to be able to teach better class by class.
Our goal is to let children who curious for more knowledge, enjoy learning, enjoy knowledge.
With helps from our long-term cooperating companies, we are able to have this program launch, to process the necessary facilities, basic operation, education research, training, especially bills, many thanks to these loving humans who process warm-hearts without any complain of payback.

Junior Diaspora China Chapter
Knowledge & Subjects

Here are recommendations for children,
definitely these will inspire their interest highly in study.


What is the HMVL?
HIGHLAND Montessori Virtual Learning, but we more practical as Montessori and goal of the study.
How old are children to study with you?
Children are at the age to enroll with us shall be at least 5-6 years old.
Is there payment?
Yes. We initially didn't plan ask for payment. As we were working on the project with cooperators, few basic situation occurred.
1st, the guarantee of consequence of learning,
2nd, the basic living conditions for educators to be steady and full-time to provide more qualified education,
3rd, the necessary spends.
Why don't we pay to the organization directly?
1st, only partial program is designed specially for diaspora children and mixed children, which is recommended by NIDO East.

2nd, practically, it is the sponsorship company which is offering all the financial support, especially for professional cooperation.

3rd, NIDO East will make sure to supervise the quality of education.
How do they study?
Currently, because of the Covid-19, we only suggest children enroll our virtual program. But as long as the general environment is better, there will be options of both virtual and offline program.
Am I able to continue after I move?
Under the effort of our cooperation, we could recommend you to certain schools according to the age and study result.
Why are there two types of payment?
For NIDO East members and scholarship students, there is payment bonus.
For regular learners, payment will be effective as what the market regulates to be.
Can I trust your education?
We have education content provider, who are professional, and we do have training regularly for all stuff.

Enquiry & Enrollment

Please contact us to get more details for your children.
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Looking forward you and your children
have a good time studying with us!