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Overview Hopefully, we shall remain but the world and how things are done may never remain the same; they already changed remarkably. Investors…those that control the monies of the globe, individuals, organizations, governments and intergovernmental entities are changing the way they think about investment and money release. As ‘oil money’ crashes globally, and renewable energy […]

General Health and Wellbeing

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen. As we kick off the hustle for this year, we want to arm ourselves with necessary health resources with the hope that we shall sail through with minimal wear and tear. With this in mind, NiDO East China has organized a discussion with a Health Systems Specialist who has the […]

Science and Art of Academic Publishing(SAAP)

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Choosing an academic home • Finding the right conversation – One or two kinds of literature • Criteriaforcontribution – Interesting and engaging – Significant and enduring – Trustworthy and ideally authoritative • Theoreticalexplanation//Atheoreticexplanation – Advance theory • Before you start… – Understand how the conversation in your field evolves Criteria for contribution • Success is […]